Weaving comedic storytelling and the wisdom of lived experience, Whore’s Eye View is a 75-minute mad dash through 10,000 years of history from a sex worker’s perspective.

Whore’s Eye View is a 75-minute mad dash through 10,000 years of history from a sex worker’s perspective. Equal parts history lecture, stand up comedy, and personal storytelling, Kaytlin Bailey masterfully unpacks the age-old stigma surrounding the oldest profession. Her eye-opening performance weaves together compelling facts from history and hard won wisdom from lived experience, with comedic flair.

By hosting a performance and optional Q&A talk back of Whore’s Eye View with Kaytlin Bailey, you will provide your audience with an experience that challenges long-held stigmas and misconceptions surrounding the oldest profession. Hosting Whore’s Eye View is a unique and impactful way to engage, entertain, and educate your audience while also supporting a worthy cause.

Whore’s Eye View is being produced by Old Pros, a non profit media organization where our mission is to change the status of sex workers in society.

Kaytlin Bailey is the Founder & Executive Director of Old Pros, host of The Oldest Profession Podcast, and the writer/performer of the one woman show Whore’s Eye View. Her critically acclaimed one woman show, Cuntagious, sold out performances at NYCFringe and United Solo Festival.

She is a globally recognized leader in the sex worker rights movement, quoted in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, New York Post, The Village Voice, The Nation, and on NBC. She has written op-eds for The Daily Beast, Vice, and recently for 11 syndicated newspapers on California Senate Bill 357. She has been invited to speak on Fox Business, Sirius XM, Yale Law School, Penn University, and UCLA.

Kaytlin’s views are backed by Amnesty International, The World Health Organization, Human Rights Watch, and UNAids who all agree that the decriminalization of sex work is the only policy that reduces violence. This issue is at a tipping point with active campaigns to decriminalize in 11 states, including DC. Just last year New York, Seattle, WA and California stopped arresting people for “loitering for the purposes of prostitution,” and according to Public Policy Polling 44% of voters are ready to end the criminalization of the oldest profession.